General Rules

  • You must have a working microphone.

  • You must be able to understand and speak English since we are a NA based server.

  • You must have access to discord. This is primarily what we use to communicate whether it regards staff, applications, server events, and etc.

  • You must respect one another in and out of RP. Derogatory remarks directed to others regarding race, gender, religion, disabilities or sexual preference will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment or disrespect will result in consequences.

  • If a problem needs to be resolved, always use the chain of command when contacting staff. Speak to a moderator first before speaking to admins.

  • Do not backseat admin whether in game or in discord. We appreciate all that care about the community and want to help out but please leave this to our administrators who are tasked to take care of situations.

  • Advertising, including links in steam names are not allow. However, promoting in the proper channels in discord is allowed (#stream_announcements).

  • Steam or discord names that are deemed offensive will receive one warning/kick. Please have appropriate names. If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, there will be consequences.

If you witness someone breaking the rules, the best way to contact an admin is on discord. Please report your in-game name, what happened, and video proof if possible.

In-game Rules

  • Green zones must be crime-free. It is FailRP to runaway from a crime and enter a green zone. If the RP begins outside of it and is brought into the green zone, you may continue the criminal RP, however, it must be realistic. An example, in which it is not allowed due to realism, would be bringing a gang vs gang fight to the Police Station or Hospital.

  1. Spawn

  2. Police Stations

  3. Hospital

  4. Clothing Stores and Barber Shops

  5. Garage

  • Entering the military base or aircraft carrier is not allowed. There is no feasible way you would be able to cross over the fences of an actual military base or step on an aircraft carrier without either being detained or shot on the spot. Entering these areas will result in an immediate ban.

  • You cannot impersonate cops/EMS. So do not use the character models that are associated with emergency services.

  • Stealing police, ems, or military vehicles is NOT allowed, even those containing AI (locals). (Vehicles include helicopters, tanks, jets, transport vehicles, cargobobs, military helicopters, etc.) However, player emergency service player vehicles can be stolen with proper RP behind it. This includes using specific /me interactions, as well as a reason to steal the vehicle. You have to be in an active cop situation that involves you. For example, /me takes or steals key from officer. If you are confused on what is the wrong and right way to steal an emergency vehicle, use the help desk in discord.   

  • If cops are offline, PVP crimes – such as robberies, kidnappings, murders, stealing vehicles from players, etc. are not allowed. However, if there is a mutual agreement within both parties, it is allowed as long as you let an admin know.

  • No cop baiting.  Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes, burning out in the middle of intersections, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pull over/chase, purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer.

  • Combat storing/deleting to avoid criminal intent is not allowed. For example, if you get in a police chase, and you damage your vehicle out, you cannot delete your vehicle. It is considered FailRP.

  • Using /dv during RP situations or even just because your car broke down will result in consequences You should only be using this command to get rid of your car if you are leaving the session, or if you see a pile up – which isn’t in our control because of FiveM. You should not be using the command if you are in the middle of RP, or if your car damages out. We’re not telling you to leave your car in the middle of the road if it damages out. If you’re in a police chase, you have probable reason to leave your vehicle there, but do not /dv it as it is considered as “combat deleting” which is as bad as “combat logging”. In real life, you wouldn’t just make your car disappear out of thin air, you would maybe try moving your damaged car out of the road and get a repair. DO NOT AVOID CALLING/PAYING FOR A MECHANIC. They have that job for a reason. Mechanics are not getting calls like they should when they are on duty, so make the effort to give them RP. Another tip: calling for a mechanic is less expensive than buying repair kits. We understand how frustrating it is to call a mechanic and no one shows up, so if that does happen, you can easily use lifeinvader to figure out if one is on duty or not. Using /dv during RP situations or even just because your car broke down is considered FailRP.

  • Entering the Mission Row PD detention area is prohibited, or the prison yard of Bolingbroke Penitentiary is considered Fail RP. There is no feasible way to walk yourself through these areas without permission. There would be to many cameras, police, locked areas requiring special access.

  • Do not respawn without permission during RP situations. Remember you are still in RP.

  • When EMS are on duty, do not respawn without permission. If you were killed in a way where you cannot be revived, please let the medics know in RP. For example, /me was shot in the head multiple times and has no pulse. This also applies to when you are killing off your character. A medic will arrive arrive on scene and you will confirm your death with /me.

  • When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until the medic clears you. You cannot immediately run after someone for revenge, you are injured for 15-30 minutes depending on the injuries. For example, if you are stabbed multiple times in the legs and you just got patched up, there is no way you can run out normally. Again, it must be Roleplayed with a time limit.

  • You must RP taking your weapons out, unless it is something small like a pistol or knife. IRL, it doesn’t take you 2 seconds to take an AR out of your bag.

  • Use of a phone or a gun in prison or when cuffed is considered FailRP. This includes texting and tweeting. We do not have player prison guards to RP yourself stealing a phone, so we are not aware of if it is RP’d out correctly, so don’t do it. You also get searched and lose your belongings when sent to prison.

  • If you are robbing a player, the max you can ask for is $2K. You can demand up to $10K of ransom from cops. Economy has changed and not everyone has money so keep that in mind.

  • You cannot kidnap/rob the same player more than once within 24 hours unless RP is agreed upon. There must be an mutual agreement. Keep in mind, you can be interrupting their RP.

  • If you plan to kidnap any player (this includes cops and medics), there must be at least 4 officers on-duty. If you are unsure on how many cops are on duty, simply ask in character.

  • You cannot kidnap or kill a cop/medic if they are the only cop/medic on-duty.

  • If you feel you have been mistreated in a police situation, do not police the police. Use the proper channels (IE: Reporting said officer to a higher up). Do not contact an admin unless the officer is clearly breaking a server rule. Take abuse of power as in character and report it as you see fit.

  • Continued disregard for in game laws including traffic, felony and misdemeanor laws will not be tolerated. This does not mean that you cannot break laws, it just means that driving excessively fast everywhere you go, running every light at high speeds, starting fights for little to no RP reason or any other form of non-RP activity will not be tolerated.

  • Just because the server is restarting does not mean that you can go insane and go on a rampage. Along with that, if you are leaving the server after your session, you have no reason to kill for no reasonThere will be consequences for breaking rules, whether it’s 5 hours from restart or 1 minute before. 

  • Just because you are friends with a person, does not permit you to kill them for no reason. Everything must be RP’d out to the fullest, or you will receive consequences. 

  • Due to the increase of abuse of cop weapons, you are not allow to steal cop weapons of any kind. 

Server Rules

  • Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban. This also applies verbally. Do not joke or mock sexual harassment. We do not tolerate this behavior and a ban appeal will not be allowed.

  • Suicide RP and Terrorism RP are not allowed. We understand that this happens IRL, but they are touchy subjects that people do not need to be reminded of. There are minimal exceptions, please contact an admin for permission before roleplaying suicide or terroristic acts.

  • No RDM/VDM. RDM (Random death match): killing/attempting to kill without intent and roleplay. VDM (Vehicle deathmatch): using a vehicle to kill/attempt to kill without intent or roleplay. KEEP IN MIND THAT WE ARE A ROLEPLAY SERVER. Deadly action needs to be roleplayed. Killing on site is not allowed as it could be seen as a form of RDM.

  • Meta-gaming is not allowed. Meta-gaming: the act of using out-of-character/external information for in-game situations. This includes stream sniping, 3rd party VOIP applications, and etc.

  • Power-gaming is not allowed. Power-gaming: using mechanics or roleplaying mechanics that do not exist.

  • If you are using a 3rd party VOIP application, treat it as a radio or cell phone. Discussing in character information must be vocalized to the surrounding group of people around you.

  • No exploiting or hacking. This includes: AFK farming, abusing in-game bugs, etc. This will result in an immediate ban.

  • Do not go AFK for long periods of time. You will be kicked.

  • Follow the NLR rule. NLR (New-Life Rule): if you character is hurt in a way in which they cannot survive (headshotted, burned to death, etc), as soon as you respawn/morgued, you will have no memory of how you died or who killed you. If you are revived by EMS, there is no NLR rule, however you must RP your injuries.

  • Follow FearRP. FearRP: fearing for your life. For example, if you are alone in an alleyway and 4 gang members hold you at gunpoint and you cannot escape without dying, you must follow FearRP. The average person would follow their demands as they are helpless in a situation of such, you wouldn’t just walk away.

  • Do not FailRP. Due to the mechanics of GTA V, things that are completely unrealistic and down right impossible to do are easily done while in game. Think before you do, your actions should be thought out before you act. For example, driving off an overpass and dropping 20+ feet while in your vehicle, flipping the vehicle multiple times, then proceeding to continue driving off while being pursued by police will not be tolerated. Realistic actions and responses.

  • Combat logging will result in an immediate ban. For example, logging out to avoid jail consequences or respawning without permission while in an RP situation can result in a ban. If you crashed, immediately contact either @Police or @EMS in discord to let them know that you have crashed.

  • Perma-death is upon your request. You control the death of your character. If you choose to kill off your character, you cannot make a revenge character, this rule is set to prevent metagaming. (This rule may change soon)

  • Do not speak ooc (out-of-character) unless being spoken to by an admin or a moderator. There is no reason you should break character unless you are speaking to a staff member about a problem that needs to be resolved.

  • /ooc is to be used for help only. Do not engage in conversation over ooc. Failure to follow this will result in warnings, kicks and following up, bans.

  • Vigilante RP is not allowed. You are not Spider-Man, John Wick, Jason Bourne, or Daredevil.

Criminal/Gang Rules

Basic Criminal Acts and Roleplay Scenarios

  • Committing criminal acts, violent or non-violent, in highly visible public areas, government buildings or job locations is forbidden.Highly visible means any crime that is not discrete or realistically able to be kept out of view for most people in an area. However, if the RP is started from outside of the aforementioned areas and leads inside of them, as long as the RP is reasonable and makes sense it may be continued into the zones.

Kidnapping & Mugging

  • Once per full day of Roleplay(IE: 24 Hours) you may successfully take someone against their will for monetary gains. This may not be abused and the situation behind the kidnapping must be played out to the best of the takers ability. Jacking someone for $2,000 and then killing them if they cannot produce a mere $2,000 would be an example a scenario you will want to avoid.

Police Pursuits

  • When it comes to an active pursuit, especially and mainly so in the city, keep your speeds realistic. Driving at a high rate of speed is not valuing your life when you’re traveling at high speeds running red lights. Highways however, are free game.

Red lights & Traffic

  • Traffic signals should be followed to the best of your ability. However, this does not mean you must stop at every red light and wait it out. Be warned though, you do face the risk of being ticketed or worse if caught by an officer. This being said, intentionally running lights and baiting a chase is not allowed. Along with this, maintaining a realistic speed throughout the city is required. If you are caught traveling at high speeds it will result in trouble with the police or possibly even administration if high enough.

Targeting of Emergency Services

  • Directly targeting Emergency Services with little to no reason(IE: Getting a ticket, Kidnapping EMS for little to no RP reason, etc…) should be avoided. Having a reason to try  to avoid arrest(IE: A warrant, contraband etc…) could be a valid reason to resist arrest for example. This is not a cops and robbers server. The Emergency Services that provide RP and other scenarios for you shouldn’t be your main target for everything RP. Unjustifiable actions committed against Emergency Services will not be tolerated and can result in a ban.

Torture RP

  • Torture RP, while allowed, must be done within reason and the victim must be allowed to continue RP after the scenario with all body parts still functional and intact if they so choose to. They can keep any deformities left from the RP if they wish. SEXUAL ACTS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ALL!!!!

Camping illicit spots

  • Intentionally sitting on high traffic areas that lead to illicit spots(IE: Drug areas, job areas(See Basic Criminal Acts)) for the purpose of robbing people is not allowed. This also pertains to police camping drug spots to bust individuals for the purpose of solely busting.


  • Bags that were used previously to conceal things such as, shotguns, AR’s and any other form of large and unrealistically hidden weaponry will no longer be allowed. Instead, clothing options will affect what exactly you can realistically conceal. For example, if your character is wearing baggy clothing or a long coat of some form that could potentially conceal a machine pistol or Uzi then you will be able to walk around with said weapons. Bags will still be allowed, however, the options you previously used to conceal firearms will not be available for them. Bags will instead be used as a cosmetic item, with the exception of allowing bags to conceal realistically fittable weapons for a robbery or something that fits in the nature of having to conceal a weapon to sneak it into a location.


  • Heavy Revolver

  • Machine Pistol

  • Heavy Pistol

  • Pistol .50

  • Micro SMG

  • Knife

  • Dagger

  • Hammer

  • Crowbar


  • Gusenberg Sweeper

  • Combat PDW

  • SMG

  • Assault Rifle

  • Advanced Rifle

  • Bullpup Rifle

  • Shotguns

Gang & OC Guidelines

  • In order to maintain and run a gang, you must register your group using this link(LINK). To be considered a valid gang on the server you must have a minimum of 3 members but no more than 5 may be active at a time during a roleplay scenario. The other gang members are still allowed to join the server and play but will not be allowed to interfere or join the other members UNLESS GANG SPECIFIC RP BETWEEN TWO GANGS IS GOING ON.

  • Gangs will function on a 3 strikes system for failure to obey rules.

    • First Strike – A documented warning will be given to all members stating the reasoning and how they can avoid further situations that caused them to get this warning.

    • Second Strike – Another warning will be issued and further actions will be taken on members involved in not obeying the rules that caused this warning. Offenders are subject to kicks and bans at this strike level.

    • Third Strike – Complete disbandment of the group. The group will immediately cease all actions and be forced to dissolve their group. Failure to do so will result in bans for all members disobeying staff.

  • Gang members involved in torture RP however are subject to limited perma death.

  • Gang territories that are currently occupied and controlled by a gang(Drug spots, Hideouts) will be exempt from the Camping Illicit Spots rule if a gang controls the territory and is operating out of the area. Gangs that control the territory are allowed to chase out any unwanted persons from the territory and are allowed to protect their territory from rival gangs. Civilians are not exempt from this rule and if they are caught within gang territory by  the gang that controls the area, they are subject to taxes, threats or whatever else the gang in that area is doing.


  • Gang activity that involves direct conflict must not be done in public areas (IE: Legion, Garage, Legion Square, or anywhere else deemed a public spot where players congregate).

  • Should your character be injured or go down in a gang on gang situation, your fellow gang members must find a way to get you medical attention, whether it be taking you themselves or calling for medical assistance.

  • You know the risks when you signed up, you’re free game, all the time, any time, whether or not police are online or not. Innocent people not affiliated with groups or apart of situations are exempt from this rule however and must agree to situations if no police are on.

  • If you are killed off, making a second character as a revenge character is not allowed. Each character you make will not have any IC knowledge of any gangs and must find out about them IC through the proper means.

  • You should only have one gang character. This is to prevent any metagaming from happening between rival gangs.

  • Remember that you cannot force players to kill off their character. If their character is killed, they must follow NLR