North Staffs AMG RP

If you found this page for North Staffs AMG RP then you in the right place. North Staffs AMG RP is a British themed server. It was created by myself Adrian McMaster. Anyone can join because the server is not whitelisted you can do nay job on there from police to mechanic. You must be aged 15 or older. Admin right are only given to people who are over the age of 18 and trusted.  The server now as 484 resources running so might take a while to load for you. Average time is around 2 to 3 minutes depending on your internet speed so be patient and wait. There are a lot of custom cars and ymaps so the server might lag in places.  If at anytime you encounter any problems while on the server please let me know on the discord server as soon as you can.  There is still the banning rule in place for trolls and people who breach and rules and spoil the fun for other. A lot of time and effort as been made in creating the server. It runs using the ESX 20 framework with the EX extended 1.2 final. Some older scripts are not compatible and have been removed because they will only work with essentialmode and that uses it own triggers and callbacks system with extended 1.0 or 1.1.  I am constantly testing older scripts via my test server to see what happens.  The server runs on my self hosted windows 2019 server and if enough people join and make donations I will transfer it to a vps to protect it from ddoss  attacks because my public IP address is visible only if you know how to find it via the internet.  You can find the server via the  click the link: or by typing North Staffs AMG RP on you fivem interface. You can press F8 and type connect rqe6pg and that should connect you directly with out any problems. You can also type rqe6pg in the search option to see if it appears in the list and and is online. My character when on line is Jim Dempsey he is a good person and works a police officer and a bit old school so does not like to mess about with all the modern stuff and just wants to get his job done.  He will stop and speak and ask if your ok like police officer do but if you cross him by breaking the law he will take action against you and you will end up doing community service and be behind bars. He might also be doing other job when he is in town or might. In other universes not so far away there are different versions of him like the good the bad and the ugly.  Once there are enough people who have joined the server the whitelist will be in place.  All I ask is you enjoy yourself why on the server and follow the main rules.  I am not to bothered about the strict code of conduct like on some server were you must play like a real life copper and do everything by the book. Just be yourself and if you do the police role just try to be as best you can and if unsure about something just ask someone who might of done the role before for example if you not sure about how to arrest some one when a person is in handcuffs just let them know so they don’t get upset and use the you are under arrest for ”  ”  then say you have the right to remain silent and if you give up the right to remain silent any you say will be taken down and used in a court of law against you then use you have the right to a lawyer if you cannot afford on one will be appointed to you. That’s how I do. The modern policing as change and the wording have changed a little. If a person is being abusive then warn them and say you will get three warning and be arrested after that. Remember I am 48 so so not want mess about my self. Its quicker and better for the other players as they want to be in prison and out again doing another crime like robbing the bank trying to make as much money as possible. Remember is only a game and do not take it to heart.  Bully or Harassment will not be tolerated nor will racist remarks, Any one found to be doing that will be banned for a short term or permanent depending if its a 3rd time you get three chances and after that no chances. You can join the Discord Server and should automatically be given the member role. If you have not let me know ASAP.  I have been asked if I am going to use the new es_extend 2.0 for my server. The answer is no not yet because still in development stage and I only test it on my computer and there are no mods or scrips available for it. No ESX 2.0 file will work because the are not compatible and I have spoked to the developer from ESX and tells me all the ESX  framework scrips will be rolled into one es_extended folder as modules and the data base will be created automatically for you.  There is no release date for it but I do down the early development file and test it. It has the main in it so you can create a character but there are no job scripts or any other scripts like shop and weapon shop so you cannot really do much with the server.  The ESX 2.0 frame will only work with es_extended 1.2 final and will not work with essentialmode. The problem is some older esx scripts have a trigger to call a trigger in es-extended for example you might be in the server and do a job the uses an older script but nothing will happen or it will not function the way it should this is because of a change in the SQL were the users table no longer uses the steam id in the identifier and instead use the steam license in place. The name column as also gone and will bank and money. So any script triggering a call to check those table will show an error. I see in my console.  I can see the script as asking for or checking something but es_extended is responding with an error along with async and MySQL aysnc it because the line of script in no longer present or as changed so there is no response. esadmin2 is another that will not with with 1,2 because the commands have changed in esextended. There is a extendedmode and it work but the sql is differant again result in many error from a few older scripts. I had to make the decision to change to the esx 2.0 framework with esextended 1.2 because there is no more support for essentialmode and some older scripts have been altered by developers and they no longer work as expected.  So the question for some is to stay with the old and things slowly stop working or go with the new and some old will not work or go in the middle with extendedmode were some old and new will not work.  I will do my very best to keep things working. You can see a few screen below from the server when I am logged in.