ESX 1.2 Framework

You most properly by now will of noticed big changes with my North Staffs AMG RP  server. 

It might look the same but the framework is newer.

I am now using the ESX 1.2 framework with the Es_Extended 1.2  Legacy version as recommend by the esx developers.

There are a lot of changes to the scripts that have made a few things a bit more complicated so a lot of older scripts will not work as expected. 

Most errors are related to the SQL database because there is a big change with the user’s table for example the money and bank columns are no longer present as scripts will be using triggers to call for those via es_extended and they are no longer in that script so you will have errors. 

The other problem is the way the SQL is now used as money, bank and black are now in one column I have also encountered errors with the player Id because the steam id is no longer used in the identifier column and the identifier now uses the Rockstar licence in its place and the licence column has now been removed.

So you can see the problems. Some scripts are also calling for a name that is not used anymore in the user’s table. 

The user_inventory, characters and user_accounts tables are no present so any script calling a trigger for those will fail. 

There is an extendedmode created by a community team for backwards compatibility. Some scripts work and some do not. 

The new es_extended 2.0 is new and not ready for use but can be used as a standalone server without any esx scripts. If you try to use esx script you will encounter a global error.

The es_extended 2.0 has all of the basic esx scripts in one module folder and an automated SQL database writer.

Job scripts will not work with the 2.0 so it’s no use trying unless you know and understand the language of coding. 

I myself am not a code writer but do try to understand some of it I can understand some like the code below:

function SQLVehiclesAndCategories()  MySQL.Async.fetchAll(‘SELECT * FROM `vehicle_categories`’, {}, function(_categories) categories = _categories MySQL.Async.fetchAll(‘SELECT * FROM `vehicles`’, {}, function(_vehicles) vehicles = _vehicles
GetVehiclesAndCategories(categories, vehicles) end) end) end

I can understand   MySQL.Async.fetchAll is a command to fetch data from the SQL database and fetches it from vehicle_categories and vehicles.

But when it comes to more complicated parts of the script it gets very confusing for me.
I have been asked why admin scripts like es_admin2 are no longer working with 1.2. Again it’s because es_extended is using different commands and triggers so the script like es_admin2 no longer works nor will esx_tpm.
I have test other scripts and found esx_adminplus that works. You will need to change your server.cfg to use es_extended in place of essentialmode like in the example below.

Change from add_ace resource.essentialmode command.add_ace allow     Change to add_ace resource.es_extended command.add_ace allow
A few people have asked me is it possible to use Essentialmode with ES-Extended 1.2 Legacy or Final. 
The answer is no you cannot and you will have multiple problems with scripts doubling up your SQL database and giving you a lot of errors.
The only way to go is to download the new ESX Framework 1.2 available from: . You can also download the es_extended 1.2 legacy version from GitHub as recommend by the ESX team.

Alternatively, if you are looking to start a fivem server from the very beginning you can download a ready made pack for a fee of £10 from my website.

Remember it’s my time and effort I put in to help you so I ask for a fee in return.
Some developers will charge £100 or more or for a fully completed server will charge you £250 to £300 or even £30 an hour. So I am only asking for a small fee to help with server running costs