This is the page were you will find a list of everything I add or remove from the server during the development. New items will be added to the list each day with the date so you can what day I added anything. You can also check my Youtube channel at: Adrian McMaster Gaming  to see me when I was live developing the server. The live streams are long and last between five, six or even eight hours dependant on the day. I do stop and have a drink and something to eat with a female cat named daisy watching me wondering when I am going to share some of my food with her.

Monday 23rd November 2020: Starting from scratch with a clean copy of artifacts and fivem files.

Tuesday 24th November 2020:  esx_garage replace with esx_drp_garage and tested and now work the correct way. Police car no longer show at Legion Square Garage or any other Garage when stored at the police garages. The only show if police store a car at legion Legion Garage. All police must make sure vehicle are back a the Police Stations before leave town. .

Wednesday 25th November 2020:  Garage marker changed for all garages.  New Car Dealership Ymap showroom added.  Car Dealership entry markers change and moved.  Extended mission Row Police station ymap added and Garage with roof and steps to helicopter landing pad on roof with mark moved by the steps. Helicopter spawns on Helipad. Armory marker moved into armoury room with locked door. Door locks added.  Car Locking System added. Los Santos Ymap hospital added and all ambulance jobs markers moved.  Holding Cells Ymap add in the centre of Legion Square. Legion Garage ymap added with roof.  Custom ped uniforms for police added. Custom cars added for police. 

Thursday 26th November 2020:  New Hud added and displays on the bottom left of  the screen. New inventory add for glove box and trunk and main F2 but problem with trunk displays trunk is locked when you bought and own the car.  Will continue to find and all in one inventory that works. Default inventory disabled

Friday 27th November 2020:  Quallejail added to the server. All blips have been made smaller and some with colour change. McDonald Ymap added near Legion Square.  Two markers added in McDonalds for food and items added to database.

Job centre ymap added next door to the old job centre and marker moved and changed.  Postal Code colour map added to the main map. Car Locking System removed and replaced with a new vehicle lock with the need to find keys. 

Saturday 28th November 2020:  Updated the McDonalds markers and added images to the food so visible in the inventory. Continuing to find a solution for the inventory trunk to open. Seems a script might be block the vehicle lock script. 

Wednesday 2rd December 2020:  New Crucial Fix Coffee House Ymap and markers added to legion square were you can buy a coffee, Sandwich or burger.  Still problems with Trunk Inventory and continuing to find a solution as it seem it’s not fetching  the user data from the sql so show a message The Trunk is Locked. 

Thursday 3rd December 2020:  New Clucking Bell ymap added with two marker inside so you can buy chicken legs or a drink. New vehicle shop script for the car dealership with a new interface with images of cars. Old car dealership script still in use but markers and blips moved down to the south end of the map near the beach. New garage script added with a car parking script.  More item added into the shops like repair kits and medkits but will cost £250. All wages adjusted in the SQL so recruits earn £350 some jobs  are £370 bosses earn £420. Police job wages are a little higher to discourage bad policing. Police recruit earns £400 a boss will earn £550.  No role job will earn less than £50. Unemployed set to £87.

Friday 4th December 2020:  Scooter Rental Server now added up at paleto bay. More locations will be added soon at Legion Square.  New Vending Machines added and can now get a drink at Mission Row police station and other areas were there are Vending machines. Water coolers added so you can get a drink of water.  Brand new Forum site added to this website. Still work to be done to the site. 

Friday 4th December 2020: New esx police job added script is much the same as the old esx police job with a few modification.  New Police garage added that works separately with the police job. Police job markers are hidden under the map so only the police garage marker are visible for Cars, Helicopter and Boats.  Police garage markers added to Paleto bay PD and Sandy Shore PD and the new Del Perro Ymap pd added that I created myself.  Police cad system added and a MDT system added.  Illegal’s storage added but markers need moving. Police dog script added but blips need moving.  A lot of new scripts added from RibSosays Paid ESXv08 and tested.  New Ymaps added but not sure where they are on the map. Bike and boat garage added. opium and marijuana ymap added but needs markers. They will be done in a few weeks when found new scripts.  Will soon be changing all job scripts that use esx_phone to gcphone but need to work out what section needs gcphone and esx_gcphone_addon. Once corrected all jobs roles should receive texts alerts  in game for example if a player dies and presses G then a medic should get a text message with coordinates to that person. Same would be for police when a crime happens but nothing is sent at the moment due to incorrect phone trigger. File translation have been corrected from French, Finish, Spanish ect, to English but I might of missed a few lines. Server will be ready very soon. I cannot give an exact date.  

Friday May 7th 2021:  Server is now ready for roleplay with a complete rebuild using the new ESX 2.0 framework using the es_extended 1.2 final. All default scripts work as normal and have been tested. Some ESX 1.1 and 1.2 scripts are in use but might not function as expected. A lot of new cars added to a second car dealer that will be for donators and patrons only. Brand new Ymaps have been added like mission row police station and a new look legion square. Some script that fail to work properly have been removed like esx_duty and esx_gcphone. Certain scripts will not work due to the big change in es_extended 1.2 it nolonger use essentialmode or esplugin_mysql so the script will not function without those. Also es_extended does not have the trigger or callbacks to respond to scripts that use so cannot be used.  The sql database is also redone so all old user accounts will no longer be present.  There will be no going back to essentialmode as that is being deprecated and there is no more support.  Once es_extended become available with the final release I will test it. It is still in development so no job scripts or shop are available. esx 2.0 cannot be use with es_extended 2.0 because it uses modules and all esx script will be modules in that folder once development is completed. ESX team have no final release date.  Updating, adding and removing scripts will continue as normal on with the server.  Most of Ribsosays scripts have been removed due to not being compatible with esx 2.0.