Welcome to Northstaffsamgrp.com. North Staffs AMG RP website created for the FiveM server. The server can be found on fivem under Northstaffsamgrp.com:30120 and Hardtimesrp.co.uk:30120  The domains are pointed to my public IP address by my domain provider so allows me to use the domain with the port number 30120. I also have TX-Admin on port 40120 and TeamSpeak server on another port but all using the same domain. The fivem server is self-hosted on a dell server running windows server 2019 and internet information services to run the website and other websites such as Adrianmcmastergaming.com.  The fivem server is a British themed server with a new feature being tested out each day on a test server stored on a computer. You can see me updating and testing on the youtube channel at Adrian McMaster Gaming.  The North Staffs AMG RP server is for people 18 years and over. No person under the age is allowed to join and any person found to of lied about their age will be removed and banned.  If you would like to join the server for serious roleplay the click on the discord link on the home page or the proved link: North Staffs AMG RP Discords Server. You will need to fill out a whitelist form to be added to the whitelist on the applications page. Once you have filled out a form be patient and wait for a response. There are job roles to apply for such as Police, Ambulance, Mechanic, Car Dealer, Taxi, Mafia and many more. Just go to the applications page and fill out a form and your application will be reviewed.  Do not ask to be made an Admin on the server as only trusted users will be made admin. If you are given an admin role and found to be taking advantage by cheating in any whatsoever you will have those privileges removed. The owner is the main admin and will have a lot of food, water, medkits and repair kits available so if you as you will be teleported to him/her and given some. If you cannot be teleported it will be given via a command. You will only be revived only when there are no medics on the server but you must wait two minutes to make it fair for other players.  The owner himself will also follow rules as an example but may spawn cars were necessary.  You can buy weapons such as guns and you must have a weapon licence. You must take a driving test before buying a car. If you are stopped by the police when driving and found to have no licence the car will be impounded. The police may search you and if you found to have weapons without a licence they will be ceased and you will face the punishments. The same applies to drugs for having no licence.  Punishment will be a follows first offence fine and community service. Second offence fine and 10 minutes prison. Third offence fine and 15-minute prison. If you use a gun a threaten to shoot a player and the police turn up you must follow any order they ask familiar to do so may result in you being arrested. If you threaten a police officer with a gun then the officer will take action against you and he or she may shoot to injure or to kill if necessary. Police will carry stun guns as normal but if you show a gun they will show their guns. If you are shot dead at the scene of role play you can only continue your role if a medic revives you but if there is none on the server then an admin will revive you after two minutes. If you are revived by an admin you cannot continue your roleplay on the scene but can stay and watch but cannot guarantee you will not be killed again if there is a shoot out.  If a police officer is shot one scene they must wait for a medic in anyone on the server. An admin will revive them but the same rules apply and they must leave but can stay and watch. An officer will ask for help if they need help from a higher-ranking officer. When you join the police force you will join as a recruit and go with another officer to learn the role and how to use the menus. No recruit will be allowed to drive any police vehicle by themself and can only drive the vehicles once recruited to an officer.  Everyone will follow the rules and if any person breaches them then they will be punished severely.  You can view the rules on the rules page.  If you’re interested in building your own RP server then why not take a look at the online store where you can purchase any of my ymaps for a subscription fee for 6 months or a server as a starter pack for free.  Some of you might ask what does ay up duck owe at means. It’s a dialect used in the Potteries area of North Staffordshire and means hello my friend how are you.  You might hear me the owner call you duck because I am from that area and lives in a small town called Newcastle under Lyme next to Stoke on Trent in North Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. 

If you wondering how I started with a server. It all began back in 2011 when I first used Windows SBS 2011 Standard and that was a pain in the neck with updates every other week that would make a service fail like the back and SharePoint. It was soon fixed with a PowerShell command that Microsoft provide us with but this had to be done every time there was an update for SharePoint.  I then decided in 2016 to ditch SBS and go with Windows Server 2016 it had only been out eight months so had one or two bugs. They were eventually ironed out with updates. They then released Windows server 2019 I waited until November 2019 after watching reviews and talk of bugs and gremlins washed away so I decided to download a trial version and test it out on a virtual machine to see what it was like. It is more or less the same as windows server 2016 with a few extra things included and a nice dark them for the main explorer like in windows 10. After the trial expired I decided to use it on my own server as a trial for 180 day or 6 months. It worked perfectly with any problems. The trial expired and I purchased an OEM licence that allows me to use it on two machines or 24 cores.  I still use it to the present day.  Below is a screenshot of my server desktop and the two games servers that run on it like my Northstaffsamgrp fivem server and Farming Simulator 19 deducted server but not both at the same time as the permeance will be affected. There is 16GB of ram so it’s capable of handling that with an Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2124 CPU @ 3.30GHz 3.31 GHz. It is updated every other day when prompted for updates by the Microsoft update service for security updates or any other updates. 


There are other websites that run on my server using Internet Information Service 10 and PHP 7..4.1 because PHP websites are written to use index.php default documents and not index.html. PHP is also faster and more secure. The website also runs under HTTPS.  HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure but some website might only use HTTP so will not be as secure.  My https://www.adrianmcmastergaming.com as to be secure because there is an online shop where people will have to enter their details such as payment details. Those are encrypted during transactions.  I do not see full payment details only the name and address. I do however have a function to allow me to make a refund if necessary.  If ever you are unsure about a website with HTTPS just look for the padlock symbol in the address bar either on the left or the right. If you at any time you land on a page with a similar domain to mine containing exact information like mine please report it to me  ASAP via the contact page.  I only have three domain’s from GoDaddy and use CloudShare to Secure my websites, APIs, and Internet applications. You can see the list of my three websites below so you can click on the links and you will be taken to them including this one listed as the third website.

Adrianmcmastergaming.com  McMasterphotography.com  Northstaffsamgrp.com