Welcome to Northstaffsamgrp.com. North Staffs AMG RP website was created for the FiveM server. The server can be found on fivem under Northstaffsamgrp.com:30120 and Hardtimesrp.co.uk:30120  The domains are pointed to my public IP address by my domain provider so allows me to use the domain with the port number 30120. I also have TX-Admin on port 40120 and TeamSpeak server on another port but all using the same domain. The fivem server is self-hosted on a dell server running windows server 2019 and internet information services to run the website and other websites such as Adrianmcmastergaming.com. All my yamps and basic esx server setups are now ready and available for you to download. I continue to keep them updated on a regular basis.  See the about page for more information. The server is set to public and all jobs are not whitelisted so anyone can join.  I need people to join my server to test out all the scripts for me as I cannot test most out and require other characters to be in the town like the police menu. If something is not working please let me know via the contact page.  The server is not set to restart so I will be able to see any errors via TX-Admin. I will not give anyone admin permission just yet and you must be 18 plus to have that. I will check the console logs now and again so if anyone tries something they should not I will see that. I see all admin commands that are used with the user’s name and id and IP so if you try to use /car t20 in the chat of f8 I will see it including any hacking information.