A new prison is under construction for the fivem server.  The prison will be HMS NSRP PRISON.  It will be a few weeks before it will be ready.  You can see the development on my Youtube channel at Adrian McMaster Gaming.

The screen shot shows the current layout but might change during development. I use codewalker to create it.  I also have plans to change the way the criminals are sent to prison. 

In staid if using the police F6 menu to send them. The prisoners will be escorted via boat or helicopter to the prison. There will be a check in.  Once the inmate are checked in the will be taken to the cells. 

I will also remove any job roles from them why they are in custody to prevent any misuse such as mafia job that has handcuffs and a menu like the police. They will be unemployed when in prison or if I can find a script and inmate. Once released from prison the will have there role back. I know there is a off and on duty that work for police I will try to make it work for all roles and have in included in the prison.  There will be a shop and a work area as well as a activity area.  Any bad behaviour in prison will result in extended prison time. 

This will be the job of the governor and will lease with the police. The prisoners will have the option to have visitor why in there in the visitor area. I will be look and a security guard job or warden job. I will try to make it as real as possible.  My server is live 24 hours a day but as a whitelist running as it is not ready for use.  The current age to join the server is 18 and over and will stay that way.  If you join and found to be lying about your age you will be instantly banned.  I want my server to be serious role play. 

The screen shot below shows the layout but might change during development.