Northstaffsamgrp is a fivem server for a small community of people who enjoy role play and interact with one another. The server was created by Adrian McMaster Gaming.  He is from Newcastle Under Lyme in North Staffordshire in the Great Britain so came up with the idea of use the North staffs name.  His name is Adrian McMaster and you can see him on his Youtube channel creating the fivem server and many other projects in the last few months. He is 47 and interacts with other via youtube chat and will help you if you ask a question but remember when he is live there is a 20 to 30 second delay in streaming time. He does a lot of the projects live so many things might  not go as expected. He has a cat who occasionally gets in his way.  Please remember to use clear English when using chat and not use short term wording like wtf and omg as he told us he not to use to all of that being an age he is. You will notice during his stream he speaking with words or you might not understand if you live outside of the United Kingdom or Noth Staffordshire area. The reason for the is because it know a regional dialect and accent. In the North Staffs area its known as Potteries dialect and you will hear him using word like dust have, thayst got, astner, duck, dustner. To learn more about it you can with look at  may un mar lady.  on youtube.  We have a Discord server that you can join any time.  If you would like to do one of the main jobs like police, paramedic, mechanic or car dealer then please use the application page when application are available.  There will be plenty to do on the fivem server but break any of the rules found on the rules page and you will be punished.  Remember on the discord server there is a three strike rule for profanity and inappropriate language. You will how ever be able to appeal you ban via the appeals channels. There is a role system in place for security reason so you will not be able to see the main channels not will you see any member channels until you given the member role after you have joined.  The fivem server will be updated now and again with new scripts but some might not run as expected so please report the error or bug. we will have administrator monitoring the TxAdmin system and Discord so will be able to everything that is happening with the server including errors. They cannot see the database. They are authorised to kick and ban people for breaking the rules.  There will be a donation page created soon so you can donate money if you wish to keep the server running. Anything extra will go directly to PDSA charity as every penny counts and helps to keep it running to save pets lives if they become unwell.  You support in joining this community is appreciated and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. We look forward to seeing you in our North Staffordshire AMG RP fivem server. You can find the server on fivem server list by typing Remember the server will be listed as Supreme Roleplay.