Server almost ready

The server is almost ready to go live but still have a lot of work to do like test vehicles to make sure they all work. Ymaps have been tested and all all working without any conflicts. Any Ymaps there were conflicting or crashing the game have been removed. There will be many changes to the blips on the map for example the car dealer will not be at the default it will be at a new location. There will bea bike dealer and much more. Door locks have to be created and will take some time to do. I...

Server Offline

The server is not live at the moment and will be offline for a while why it is being developed. Once it is nearly ready it will be launched in Beta for test all the jobs to make sure they all work and nothing crashes the server or your game. No date or time is scheduled yet. The rules have been created and are on the rules page

AMG Website

Take a look at the website to see more information about the owner on the about page and how the website was created and what goes on behind the scenes via his youtube channel. Warning some content on the youtube channel might not be appropriate for persons under the age of 18.