AMG 2020 and 2021 5M Server files + SQL will be available here soon. 

Most of the files will be either paid subscription or free.  You might of noticed on my  Youtube Channel that all the videos vanished. Youtube have looked into this for me and cannot find any evidence of an account compromise but also say it is possible. There was over 300 videos from livestreams and 20 uploads that have all gone. I am now having to start all over again. There are new videos from my previous streams from the last few day. Each consists of about 5 to 6 hours with me preparing my new ESX 2.0 framework fivem server. There as been a lot of work put into it and making scripts work. Some scripts will not work because the es_extended as changed. I am using the 1.2 final version. There is a 2.0 version but nothing will work with it and it throws global errors. The 1.2 work ok. ESX_scoreboard work but throw an error about the users id and group. This is because line 55 is set to uses a different setup to fetch data from the sql. The steam id is no longer being used and the license is being used in place on the identifier table so will cause a few problems. Most scripts are working. The server is set to public and all jobs are not whitelisted so anyone can join.  I need people to join my server to test out all the scripts for me as I cannot test most out and require other characters to be in town like police menu. If something is not working please let me know via the contact page.  The server is not set to restart so I will be able to see any errors via TX-Admin. I will not give anyone admin permission just yet and you must be 18 plus to have that. I will check the console logs now and again so if anyone tries something they should not I will see that. I see all admin commands that are used with the users name and id and ip so if you try to use /car t20 in the chat of f8 I will see it including any hacking.  Any server of file release will be listed here with links to my github or online shop so keep coming back and having a look. I do have a discord server  for Northstaffsamgrp fivem server. Its hosted and running 24 hours a day on my windows server 2019 server.

The server is a British themed server with British police cars and uniforms. Some ymaps are British and some American.  There are also some of my own ymaps in there server. The main AI cars are European and there are more special cars that will be added to a second car dealer. There will also be a bike dealer and much more. I am open to suggestions and anyone interested in helping me develop the server further who understand coding better than my self as I am not a code writer so struggle a little with some of the more complex coding. I will make you a co-owner and developer in the listings so leave a message via the contact page I will get back to you and discuss it with you.