Hello and welcome to website. Please enjoy you stay on here were you will find plenty of information as this site is always being updated so keep coming back as you never know what might of changed or been updated. My name is Adrian and and I am 48. I am the developer for the server.You can see me on Youtube at AdrianMcMasterGaming on a daily basis or when available as the stream might include other content. You can find the server on Fivem by typing because the domain or domains I have point to my public IP Address and the server runs on my private server in my living room. You will see it on fivem as North Staffs AMG RP. There is a test server that runs on my computer during my streams and can be found via and listed as North Staffs AMG RP Test Server when available during the live streams only. 

I use TxAdmin that is built in to the FxServer.exe and is used for both server. There is a bot link to it via the discord server and when the server is shut down, started or restarted it displays a message on the server-announcements channel. It will also display information for scheduled restarted. Admin is very useful because it as panels so I can see who is playing on the server.  Its as a Server.cfg editor and Live console include. There is a white and ban list so I can see who is in the white list and banned list. I can can also send message in game.  You will see me using this during my stream. It is accessed via the browser at and require a user name a password. I can also assign admins to help who can log in if they need to manage over things like and white and ban list.  My discord server is still running so you can still use it to communicate with one another. The Facebook page is also still running and you can find information on there when updated.

You can find more about this website on the about page.  There is a application forms page were you can apply for our main roles. There is a video and gallery page updated regularly so keep checking it out to find out what new. There is a discord page so you can join our server and a contacts page to contact us if you encounter any problems with the website or fivem server.  Please also use the discord server bug reports page if you encounter any problems. Take a look at our Facebook page and join the community and give up a big thumbs up if you like it. Please check out our rules page so you understand our rules.  There is a downloads page to down a copy of the fivem server completely free of charge. You must be a registered and signed user on the website to download the files. I have had over one million downloads so far any we would like to say a big thank you to you all and hope you enjoy them. The posts page will be update every now and again. If you think you are up to the top leading roles such as chief of police, Paramedic or mechanic as these top roles can be very challenging at times then apply now by using our applications on our application page and we will review them and get back to you via email as soon as we can. The North Staffordshire AMG RP fivem sever might at some point in the future be back and we will need you when that happens. You can how how ever watch the developer in action on his  Adrian McMaster Gaming Youtube channel with is simulator gaming and many other hobbies.You can ask him a question when he is live streaming via the live chat. You can see more about him by going to his website at: